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Fancy Cocktail Hat 

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Fancy Cocktail Hat 

Written By: Dolin OShea 


hand sewina 
Pins (1) 
Scissors m 


Buckram hat form (1) 

/ made mv own; instructions on how to 

do that can be found at Or purchase 

a pre-made hat form. 

Buckram (1/4 yd) 

Buckram is a stiff, starchv cloth used in 


Fabric (1/8 yd) 

medium-weiaht fabric in a different color 

(fabric B). 

Tulle (1 1/2 yds) 

fine tulle or veilina. 

Elastic headband (1) 

Felt (1) 

coordinatinq felt square. 

Beads (1) 
Feathers (1) 
Coordinating thread (1) 
Fabric pen (1) 

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Fancy Cocktail Hat 


Every girl can add a bit of glamour to her life if she so desires, and it can be done with a 
fancy cocktail hat. Channel your inner vintage Hollywood starlet and stitch up a little hat that 
expresses your unique style. 

There are many possibilities, from the sexy seductress to the whimsical yet worldly woman 
— it all depends on which fabrics you choose. Experiment with silk flowers, sequins, 
buttons, costume jewelry, or anything lightweight that you can stitch on. Be creative and let 
your inner star shine. 

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Fancy Cocktail Hat 

Step 1 — Cut out your fabrics and cover the hat form. 

• Fabric A: Lay your hat form on the 
wrong side of the fabric. Using the 
ruler and fabric marker, mark the 
fabric 34" from the hat form edge, 
entirely around the fabric form. Cut 
it out. This piece should be 3ft" 
larger than the form on all edges. 
Then cut one 4"x12" strip. 

• Fabric B: Cut two 4"x12" strips and 
one 2 1/2"x 17" strip. 

• Buckram: Cut three 1"x12" strips 
and one 5/8"x17" strip. 

• Felt: Trace the hat form shape onto 
your felt. Cut just inside your 
tracing. The felt should be 1/8" 
smaller than the form on all sides. 

• Pin fabric A, with the right side 
facing up, to the outside center of 
the hat form. Then, with a needle 
and thread, do a running stitch 1/4" 
from the edge of the fabric, around 
the entire piece. Gently pull the 
thread so that the fabric tautly 
wraps around to the underside of 
the form. 

• Once you've stitched around the 
entire piece, tie a knot. Then go 
around the form again, 
whipstitching the fabric's raw 
edges to the underside of the form, 
being careful not to stitch through 
the top outside layer of fabric. 

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Fancy Cocktail Hat 

Step 2 — Cover the buckram with corresponding lengths of fabric strips. 

• With your iron, press each fabric 
strip (1 of fabric A and 3 of fabric 
B) in half lengthwise, then open it 
up and fold both of the raw edges in 
to meet at the center crease, and 

• Insert a buckram strip under one of 
the raw edges of each fabric strip, 
then fold each strip in half again, 
along its original crease, and 
press. Slipstitch along the edge of 
each strip to enclose the buckram 
and the raw edges. 

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Fancy Cocktail Hat 

Step 3 — Embellish the covered hat form. 

• This is the fun part, and there are no rules. With the covered strips you can create rings 
and loops on the form. Once you find a pleasing design, stitch it to the form, through all the 

• With the strips in place, you can now play around with the tulle. Remember, it's up to you 
— you can have the tulle come down to cover part of your face, or tie it into a big bow, 
whatever you like. When you get the tulle in place, tack it to the hat, using small, hidden 
stitches. Place and tack the feathers in position and stitch some beads on for a bit of 

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Fancy Cocktail Hat 

Step 4 — Attach headband and felt to the underside of the hat. 

• To cover up all the stitching on the underside of your hat, sandwich the headband between 
the hat and the felt piece. Then whipstitch the felt edges to your hat and tack your 
headband in place. 

• Presto! You've got a glamorous little accessory to add to your wardrobe. 

This project first appeared in CRAFT Volume 10 . pages 64-66. 

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